1. pl0y:

    This is great. Master’s design student Stefanie Nieuwenhuys found diamond shaped woodchips on the workshop floor of an architecture classroom and thought of snakeskin. She layered and layered and layered them and produced wooden biometric scale detailing on a variety of garments and neck pieces. 

    Not our first thought but it’s also “eco-couture”; done very elegantly. There’s usually a stigma attached to that sort of thing but this is a nice example of it done well. 

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  2. Brand NEW: YOJ

    "Organic for life, organic for dress" is the tagline of YOJ the new brand we are now carrying in fashion and accessories department at

    The name itself is a return to the sanscrita language, with a contemporary variant, to underline the importance of human roots linked to a modern conception to feel fashion.
    YOJ has developed their research in a direction of a responsable look that the man must have towards his fellows men and the Earth.
    These concepts have to find naturals answers, even with a correct help of science, and applications always more embedded in daily life.

    YOJ utilize only materials produced in the respect of human relations, only biological fibers, only colours extracted from nature, through processes that respect these rules of production.
    Each item of the collection is a “unique piece”, completely handmade in every phase of the process: drawing, length, tailoring, colouring.

    In our e-boutique you’ll find the precious "limited edition ART dress" in natural silk with an original aritst print and a wide selection of jewels to complete your style or to make every outfit special!

  3. Brand NEW: Evolve

    We’re very proud to introduce you the next new thing in the world of ecochic skincare: Evolve Beauty.

    Evolve is a new brand that starts from the importat experience of Laura Rudoe. Laura was formerly the head of development at nude skincare, the award winning premium natural range  recently been partly acquired by the French group LVMH, and is an expert in the development of organic & recycled personal care products.

    Laura’s vision is to create ethical products that make green living the norm, not the exception. “A little healthier, a little greener, a little better.”

    A little healthier: certified organic by ECOCERT, 99-100% natural, no parabens, SLS/SLES, silicones, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or colours

    A little greener: 100% recycled bottles which can be recycled again, and again, certified vegan products, manufactured in the UK

    A little better: Efficacy tested advanced natural bio actives that deliver fantastic results, formulations designed to work with your skin, better results without compromising ethics, standards or safety.

    Nomkoy is always looking to provide you the newest ecochic experience! Visit our e-shop and discover more for a Green Christams!